Dylan DiCecca

Professor Winchell

Intro to college writing

Gangs in America

In the U.S. today alone there are over 200,000 gangs. From street gangs to prison gangs and motorcycle gangs there are over 1,000,000 and counting gang members active in today’s society. Some gangs are bigger than others and more sophisticated than others. They control neighborhoods and even whole towns, in which makes it very hard to live in or around. All gangs use violence to control these neighborhoods and most of the gangs sell drugs and transport them through these towns and cities. There crimes don’t just stop at that though, gangs want money and lots of it, so they traffic guns, extort businesses and rob banks and stores.

These gangs are ruining our cities by causing fear in everyone around them; people can’t walk down the street without looking over their shoulder. These gangs are mostly affecting our young community because of what these gangs are telling them and showing them. Kids see these gang members walking down the street together wearing gold chains and driving nice cars, so what the kids think is that if they join them they will have all that too, that’s why more and more gangs are increasing in size so rapidly. They also recruit by sitting outside middle schools and as kids that are only 12 years old walk by they talk to them saying how they need to join the gangs because they will be protected and will have lots of money. These people don’t care for human life and will do anything just for money and power.



Gangs can be started for many different reasons, like protection, born into them, and for some people they have nowhere else to go. Some people may argue that gangs aren’t all about making money and doing drugs, but sometimes it’s a place to hang out with buddies. My dad has friends that are in the hells angels’ motorcycle club and I have met them and they aren’t bad people, they may sometimes do bad things but in general they are nice people to hang around with. A lot of motorcycle gangs were formed after Vietnam when everyone came back. These guys had no were to go they just came back from war knowing nothing else because they had to drop everything they were doing and go off to war, so when they came back they made groups like the galloping goose and the Mongols to keep that brother ship they had over in Vietnam alive. Other gangs however, like the Bloods and Crips. They formed there gangs in the beginning for their own protection. In the 70’s and 80’s African Americans were beaten and killed for no reasons at all, so they joined together and help protect themselves from other gangs and police. Now they aren’t in it just for the protection but they are in it for the money and power. The OG’s (original gangster) are mad at these young kids. They say the point of the gangs aren’t there anymore, they just want to kill and make money.

Having lots of money
Being killed from opposing gang members
having luxurious items
Getting bad reputation from community
Becoming famous and powerful within your gang
Being imprisoned for your whole life
Protection in your gang
Seeing your friends die everyday